Sunday, November 21, 2010

KingCast chillin' with POTUS and Cape Media News, nobody threatened with arrest as U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, GOP, Nashua PD are wont to do.

Dow Jones Local Media Group's Cape Media News are a good group of folks, earnest, Good People. 

Kelly Ayotte, I'm going to get you for what you and the GOP and Nashua PD -- who love to destroy evidence while you lie about it -- did to me. Incidentally, only 215 people have read the True Final First Amended Complaint, but +2,005 have read the First Complaint, which was incorrectly-labeled as the First Amended Complaint for a few days.

1 comment:

  1. I can't wait for Oral Argument on Summary Judgment:

    "Your Honor, the NAACP cases say they can't throw me out."

    Ayotte/GOP/Nashua PD
    "We don't care about those people, hell Your Honor we've got more support from Niggermania than KingCast does from the NAACP."

    "Your Honor the President and Deval Patrick and MASS DOC/EOPS Secretary Marybeth Heffernan never threaten me, and I rolled footage of her inside an elevator."

    Ayotte/GOP/Nashua PD
    "We don't care about those people either.... all we care about is trying to squelch opposition at All Costs."

    Well guys, welcome to We're experts on Scorched-Earth Policy. -- Reel News for Real People.